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Teddy David character of Teddy's Head Games
Teddy Lisa character of Teddy's Head Games

Our goal is to make your life a playfull HELL!

Great question! The answer is simple: We are game designers who decided to create irreverent, terrifying, and politically incorrect board games, party games, and gamebooks. Being together with your friends and having fun with a great game is one of the most wonderful emotions that you can feel, so we decided to create games that are able to do all this… with an extra pinch of malice.

Teddy's Head Games - Teddy's head flying off



Teddy's Head Games - A Sick Card Game the bizarre card game of diseases
Teddy's Head Games - Tenebris Liber an horror gamebook with a vampire


Inside, you’ll find a marvelous comic, which tells about the first encounter between the shady characters that you can see on the cover. (To stay on topic, we could describe it as an “Explosive Beginning”). Furthermore, between these pages you will discover some of the games we are working on: from the irreverence of the party game A Sick Card Game, you will pass into the dark horror of Tenebris Liber, a gamebook of which you can experience the Introduction.


Article of Tenebris Liber in the Teddy's Head Magazine
A Sick Card Game article in the Teddys Head Magazine
Game article of the Teddy's Head Games
The comic of the Teddy's Head Magazine
Cover of Teddys Head Magazine


Cover image of the Blog Article

3... 2... 1... CIAK!

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