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What would you do if you were in danger? What choices would you make, knowing that those will change your destiny? Find out what lingers in the dark, and discover the truth that lies behind a bloody curtain. Be careful, be brave, be impulsive, and remember...there are no wrong choices. Maybe.

Tenebris Liber Horror Gamebook illustration of a tree and a well
Tenebris Liber Horror Gamebook vampire face illustration

A creepy story that will drag you through the pages

An eerie background, a dark situation, and a terrifying menace. Thanks to the freaks of Teddy's Head Games, you will find yourself running through the pages to solve the mystery that looms over you, and to defeat the creature that menaces your survival.

Ideal for those who want to start

This gamebook has an easy setting, and its game mechanics are introduced gradually to the reader. You will discover more and more dynamics while you read, and you will slowly find out how to play.

Tenebris Liber Horror Gamebook illustration of matches
Tenebris Liber Horror Gamebook paint illustration

Create your own story, a paragraph at a time

As most gamebooks do, this one has a creepy story that unfolds paragraph after paragraph. You'll be able to choose your own ending, you will choose how the story develops. We wonder if you'll find what kind of mysterious things lie under the shadows.

Game Example

Tenebris Liber Horror Gamebook Character creation

Create your character and assign him skill points.

Tenebris Liber Horror Gamebook game mechanics

Start reading from Paragraph 1 and choose from the options what you want to do. Do this with each paragraph and move on to the story.

Tenebris Liber Horror Gamebook exploration

Collect Items and discover the secrets of the mansion.

Tenebris Liber Horror Gamebook skull icon

Forge your destiny and find out if your choices will lead you to safety.

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