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3... 2... 1... CIAK!

Cover image of the Teddy's Head Games Blog article

Teddy picked up the camera and we're ready to go! No, we're not talking about a sex tape, but about everything we'll start doing today to make your life a playful hell: games, comics, social events, and much more. You can look forward to a lot of fun activities in the coming months.

But now let's see what are the first news that you can see right now. First of all, we have completely redone our website. Just explore the various pages to see many illustrations, and find out more about the crazy creators of Teddy's Head Games and the games they are creating.

Cover image of A Sick Card Game

Each game has its own dedicated page with lots of useful information to figure out if it's the right game for you. You will also find an overview of the game rules to understand the mechanics. We are preparing much interesting news, so soon the Coming Soon will disappear to reveal all those things that Nerds like us love!

Cover Image of Tenebris Liber

But why should you care about us instead of going on with your life and never looking at Teddy's sweet face again?


We know that it is impossible to resist the sweetness of this unfortunate teddy bear, but in addition to this, you also have the bonus of being able to participate in the various events we will be hosting on our social pages. We have many fun activities in store for this and the coming months such as Contests with prizes and events with minigames.


So run and follow us on social media and always keep an eye on the website so you don't miss any of the news. We've only just begun to make your life a playful hell!

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